Blogging Your Way to Big Traffic

There was a time when people used a blog as a way to air out their thoughts, views, opinions and basically anything that they wanted to say. It didn’t even matter if other people read these blogs. As long as they could express themselves, it was enough.

Nowadays, blogs have taken a different turn. Rather, people use of blogs for different reasons. Now, instead of just using them as a venue of self-expression, them have become a venue of business and even popular on the web.

There are a lot of websites that offer free blog hosting. People maximize their use of these by signing up, posting interesting content, and at the same time, inserting subtle advertisements for their products.

Having a blog means one thing: in order for you to be successful, you need to be able to generate a constant stream of traffic to your blog. You need to have traffic; otherwise, you’ll be getting nowhere with respect to your goals. So how can you blog your way to big traffic? Here are a few tips:

o Post important, significant, and interesting entries

Many people think that when it comes to blogs, it doesn’t matter what they put in it. After all, it is their blog. This is true. But if you want to have a surefire way of generating traffic, you need to do more than that. What you need to do is create entries that are of high interest of the general public.

So how do you come up with interesting topics? How can you be sure that the topics you want to post are something that people want to read? With this, you can watch the news, check current events, keep an eye on the current trends such as in fashion, make use of your ears–and turn them into radio to check what people are talking about.

When you post topics that are interesting, it won’t take long before bots make their way into your blog. When they do, you can expect traffic to increase after you’ve been indexed.

o Use the tag and ping method

You may not know about this method, but tagging and pinging can be a great help in increasing web traffic to your blog. Take note that these two are not the same. Tags are used as bookmarks; they are used to classify the content in a blog. In a way, you can say that tags are also keywords and can serve as guides of users to your blog and its contents.

Now, pings are used to let search engines know that you have just updated your blog. There are a lot of sites that ping blogs for free. All you have to do is register your blog and then allow them to ping it. For the next pings of your blog site, you can either do them manually or embed the ping service into your site and automatically ping it with each update.

To optimize usage of these two, it is always good to tag your new post and ping your whole blog site for the update.

o Use popular and heavily used keywords

Another way to direct traffic into your site without any cost is through the use of keywords that people frequently search for in search engines. When you have such keywords in your blog, search engines are more likely to index your article and blog sooner.

To look for these heavily used keywords, you can make use of websites, such as Technorati, which allow you to check the current hottest, or most in demand and used, keywords on the web. Especially with Technorati, you can make use of their Keyword Watchlist service where you can keep track of the keywords searched in search engines.

Once you have the too-hot-to-handle keywords, you can make use of it in your blog posts. With the use of this technique, you are actually helping the search engines find your blog. Through the keywords, you are letting them find you on the web and hence, index you.

However, blogging is not the only way to generate traffic to your site. There are still numerous ways that you can approach your goal.