Do You Have the "Blogging For Money Millionaire Mentality"?

If you do not know this, there is a huge difference in the mentality of the people who make money online versus the people who do not. In terms of blogging, I call it the, "Blogging For Money Millionaire Mentality." Mentality is defined as: the set of one's mind. In other words, your mentality is your mode or way of thinking. Or, succinctly put, how you think.

The Blogging For Money Millionaire Mentality is the determining factor if a person will have success, experience mediocrity or suffer dismal failure. Get it and you'll be on your way to success to making money online. Reject it and your dreams of succeeding online will remain just that … a lingering but fading dream.

But what happens? Most Bloggers and Internet Marketers look at its simplicity and say, "It could not be that easy!" Take a look at the three parts to this mentality and what it demands and then I'll prove my point.

(1). Set Your Internet Marketing Goals

(2). Set Your Plans to Reach Said Goals

(3). Take Consistent Action Towards Carrying Out Your Plans

Please Note: adopting and embracing this mentality is the HARD part. Why would this be considered the hard part? Because so few Internet Marketers do it! Most people get into blogging and Internet Marketing with high expectations and great intentions. And then it happens … nothing. Usually they've bought a ton of domain names, launched a number of websites … and waited … and waited … and waited but … nothing.

A person with the Blogging For Money Millionaire Mentality sets Internet Marketing goals, develops plans based on those goals and they take consistent action towards carrying out their plans.

There's no magic, no hype, no secret, no magical software, no ground breaking ebooks, no little known tricks and definitely no getting rich without lots of work. You CAN live the life you dream of. The key is to determine exactly what you want out of Internet Marketing, and then pursue it passionately with a workable plan and exercise consistent action towards those plans. REMEMBER; do not just dream about it and do not just talk about it. Be about it! Adopt and embrace the Blogging For Money Millionaire Mentality, take action and your dreams will come true!