How to Make Money Blogging

Ever thought of how your going to get that extra $ 50 for that credit card bill? How bout an extra $ 100 for the holiday? The most influential money-making way of the internet now is blogging. People have started from a free blog host and turned it into a giant fan based website selling t-shirts and coffee mugs. Google AdSense is a medium way to monetize any blog.

Google AdSense uses a ppc (pay-per-click) advertising, if someone clicks on the link in your blog you make a cent or two. You may think that's not a lot, but imagine if you placed that same ad and you receive two cents per click. Then in one day, all of your 1000 blog followers find something they like and follow the link. That's 1000x.02 resulting in just $ 10 a day, doing nothing. Now if 1000 new visitors clicked on the link everyday for the month. 1000x.02×30 (days) = $ 300 / month for again doing nothing. All you have to do is advertise which will be explained, in the next article.

Now your thinking well how do I add Google AdSense to my blogs?

First go to and login or sign-up.

Click the tab "My Ads" -> then create an ad for content.

Fill out the information about your site / blog and what type of ad you want displayed.

Look for the little link saying get code under the newly created add.

Copy and paste the code into your website or you can install plugins to place the code for you.

Finally start blogging your mind away and watch the money roll in.