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The Main Ingredient of Blogging

Nowadays, everyone knows what a blog is, even though; I'm again going to define it one more time. A blog starts journey from being weblog to Blog. It's like an online journal which can serve as a vital source of information for a variety of topics. These topics could range from personal to politics, life style, food & beverages, sports, news, music, celebrities, and so on, you name it and you can have a blog for that topic.

Blogs are more personal in comparison with e-magazines and journals, as every blogger has its own voice and style of writing and it's their USP which is responsible to attract more and more readers.

Also, if there is a problem, there is a blog which has a solution and information to cure that particular problem.


o Personal- it is like making your diary but online. You can post different kind of thoughts or daily experiences just as you are informing the world what is happening to you.
o Career- usually focused on one's professional ability and passion
o Cultural- discusses about sports, theater, music and other arts. Among the most read blogs.
o Business
o Science
o Moblog- a mobile blog, in which the content is posted to the internet from mobile device
o Educational- that is used by students to record what they learn and mentors to record what they teach.

These entire things make a blog looks more attractive, but in my opinion the main aim of blogging should be to connect with your readers.

So, the main ingredient of blogging is connecting with your readers. If done correctly, it can bring targeted visitors to your blog time and time again.